Zissmo is a peer-to-peer digital platform designed to connect startups and investors all over the world. A Secondary Market that helps investors, unlike other fundraising platform, by offering an exclusive investment vehicle to trade without geographic barriers. The biggest validated database of startups that will allow you to find investment opportunities in every continent through a fully charged dashboard with filters, reports, and data analytics tools.
Zissmo was created to fix a global problem in investing ecosystem: liquidity. We provide liquidity to an illiquid asset class and Secondary Market trading options. Last but not least, our global presence drives network effect.
For free, by applying with social media (LinkedIn or Google+) or with your name, last name, email and password. As a first step, you will receive an activation email, then you can choose between four different types of profiles; the second step is an email that will allow you to start your session and complete it with personal info and contacts. At that point you will have access to startups and investment rounds info.
Startup culture is blooming around the world with many newborn startups trying to solve problems that are far more pressing than the lack of yet another chat app. As you may already know, startups are much riskier and more likely to fail, so investing in startups can be hugely beneficial as the returns (above inflation) are higher than other types of investments. The startups you have chosen if, in the future, will get recognized in the industry you will get recognition in the market. Then, this recognition acts as a catalyst for your fame too as you are directly related to the organization. Furthermore, it diversifies your portfolio investments and getting updates from the founder is a chance of learning about different industries.
Zissmo Investment Round is a 60-days investment opportunity in which you submit a selected amount and commit until the closing date of the fundraise round of an accurately selected startup. We will require personal info to approve your commitment stage.
Yes, you can download Business Plan, Profit and Loss Projection, Zissmo Report, Marketing Plan and Deck.
Zissmo Report is a 7/9-pages document created by Zissmo Team that helps investors understand quickly and easily the prominent aspects and structure of a startup. These are the elements showed in a Zissmo Report: startup profile, milestones, specifications, key figures, KPIs, investment round data, roadmap with goals, simplified P&L, table of competence comparison, clients and partners (if any).
First you have to activate a profile in our platform and search for the active investment rounds by clicking on “Investment Rounds” button. Choose the startup you are interested in and click “Invest” button; verify your identity by filling a KYC form, select the amount from a minimum ticket of USD 5,000/10,000 (depending on the round amount), then accept “Terms and Conditions ”. By clicking "Submit" you confirm your interest in investing in that startup. Once your identity has been validated, we will contact you to confirm your commitment and to provide documentation to complete the investment. For more details contact info@zissmo.com.
Investment process starts when you get the confirmation of your commitment by Zissmo email. Once the round is closed, you will have five days to cancel it, then you will be required to sign a document and transfer the invested amount to Zissmo’s Escrow Account. If you have questions about documentation you have to sign, please contact us by sending an email to info@zissmo.com. If you have questions about the startup’s documents, ask the founders by contacting them. Contact details are on the right upper side of the startup profile.
When you invest, your funds are transferred to an escrow account (Client Account, in custody). If the fundraise succeeds, your money will be released to the startup and you will receive transactions receipts. Otherwise, it will be refunded to you.
Zissmo’s Secondary Market is the collection of exchanges, the market where regular activities of buying, selling and issuance of rights over shares of not publicly-held startups take place. A closed private market which operate under a defined set of regulations.
TROS is an innovative investing and trading instrument created by Zissmo. It is a not divisible unit. TROS is a right over shares issued by a startup when fundraise is completed. It is generated by Zissmo and regulated by a document of custody. One TROS corresponds to one share. The value of a TROS is assigned by the startup at the beginning of the investment round (as shown on “Terms of Investment” of that startup). This right is tradeable exclusively in Zissmo’s Secondary Market.
TROS is not crypto money, TROS is not a share.
Zissmo’s secondary market is a closed, private market which operates under a defined set of regulations, and has its own trading units.
First you have to activate a profile in our platform and search for the active TROS offers by clicking on “Secondary Market ” button. Choose the offers you are interested in and click the “Buy” button; verify your identity by filling a KYC form.
While the round is still online and active, you can cancel your investment commitment by clicking the “Cancel” button. When the round is already closed, you can contact us by sending an email to info@zissmo.com. You will receive instructions about the money refund (held by Zissmo) to your account. Please consider that Zissmo will not refund transaction fee.
Zissmo doesn’t charge for investments. Zissmo charges only for trading a percentage of the amount for every transaction executed, both for selling and for buying (from 0.1% to 0.5%, depending on the amount).
You can exit from your investment by selling all your acquired TROS to other investors in Zissmo’s Secondary Market.
Startups with innovative and potentially high-growth business plans. Mainly early-stage startups that have been previously funded by verified venture funding, incubators or accelerators and are still in operation.
Startups selected by Zissmo’s committee for its high-competitive evaluated business plan. Most of the startups on online investment rounds have been previously prepared in a consulting and training program.
Zissmo doesn’t perform a due diligence of the startups.
We don’t valuate startups for investment rounds, although we do advice and help them preparing all necessary documents to define and defend their valuation in front of potential investors.
Zissmo really wants to keep you informed going forward. Zissmo recommends that founders send out an update to their investor at least once a quarter, but you can also ask the founders for an update by emailing them.